Music Is What You Make It

Zyona was a new-to-market application for music producers and musicians. A brand for this new technology required a fun, colorful image that would attract the music industry while communicating with simple, clear and straightforward language. The logo was built to be simple yet colorful to reflect the creative nature of the application’s use.

The website (below) was created around the brand’s use of music influencers for testing and marketing. The design represented the future users of Zyona, with musicians and music producers that were approachable, energetic and creative.

Zyona’s market was beginner to novice music producers that recreationally mixed music from home, and the company was driven to elevate the underrepresented women producers in the music industry. The brand was created to make women and budding music producers feel seen while serving them with groundbreaking technology and quality music samples.

Zyona’s recognizable and eye-catching “Z” was most often used for their logo. The “headphones” and “blue record” variations offered more options that immediately hinted at the music aspect of the brand.