The Single-Use Disposable Stylus

At first glance, LyfeStylus’ Single-Use Stylus might look simple in design and use, but careful engineering and design was used to make this stylus work on all touch screens. LyfeStylus wanted to highlight their unique product design while making the product something users want to talk about. Branding turned a seemingly simple product into a trendy tool when health was forefront in everyone’s mind.

I used the straight-edge and angle of the product, along with it’s flat-black color to inspire a minimal modern yet warm brand design. Blue was introduced to this health-focused brand to infuse an approachable and clean feeling.

Packaging, insert cards and website was carefully designed to clearly communicate what this new-to-market product was and to acknowledge the trendy but approachable tone we wanted to set from the start.

Eye-catching and attractive packaging was not only important to users who were encouraged to carry their LyfeStylus pouch with them for use on shared surfaces, but it was even more crucial for winning partnerships with retailers who were looking for attractive new PPE and Covid-related products to stock their high-grossing shelves at checkout.

Developing the tone of voice and sharing social content that was empathetic, inclusive, and user-focused was imperative to creating an inviting and reliable brand. I approached LyfeStylus’ content with a balanced mix of neutral information sharing and empathizing with the users who were facing change and uncertainty in the midst of a pandemic.

The Brand & Editorial guide acts as an introduction to the brand and guidelines on brand use for LyfeStylus partnerships or internal branding and marketing. It is crucial for a company to work from a place that is always centered on their defined brand. Defining your ideal customer, vision, mission and more in a brand & editorial guide is the springboard to consistent representation and customer acquisition.