Your Map to Mental Prosperity

Beacon is a health app created to assist users with exploring their health and mental prosperity. The brand was crafted to feel calm, approachable, and hopeful. The lighthouse and subsequent title “Beacon” represents the hopeful “guiding light” visual.

The challenge with this sometimes-delicate topic was to represent a safe, honest, and empathetic brand inviting enough that users who could be grappling with their health were encouraged to engage with Beacon every day. Cheerful and warm colors were used throughout the design and a relatable font was used for the logos and written communication.

The Beacon app is robust, consisting of six health pillars with subsequent pages for each. To help users mentally compartmentalize these pillars and the activities that contribute to each, I created a “key color” and sub-brand for each health pillar.

Each sub-brand consists of a color palette inspired by it’s “key color” and imagery that reflects the activities and tone of each pillar. Visuals were created to be inclusive and representative of Beacon’s diverse audience. The key words can be used in marketing and within the app to signify the activities and benefits of each health pillar, and the Daily Accomplishments are the activities within the app that are included in that pillar.

Sample marketing visuals and language feature the logo, title, imagery, colors and tone used for brand recognition.

An app wireframe was built for development of the app. User flow, layout organization and data inputs were all considered in the design. Each page frame was also designed for later customization.